1. Seek balance between mind, heart and spirit. The mind helps us analyze and discern, the heart makes us remain empathetic and sensitive, and the spirit leads to transcendence. We need the three of them.

2. Have faith and perseverance. It is indeed possible to conquer almost all summits, but it takes a big commitment to your dreams. Without that, you will give up when obstacles appear (and they always appear).

3. Train in Mindfulness. Everything happens in the present, and yet our head is lost in a past that no longer exists and concerns about an uncertain future. Being here and now helps us to enjoy and be effective.

4. Cultivate compassion and wisdom. When the time comes to leave this world is the only thing you will take with you. Everything else is borrowed and ephemeral.

5. Surround yourself with good vibrations. Stay away from toxic, jealous people and individuals that do not wish you well. And create only positive thoughts that expand the feelings that produce wellbeing.

6. Try that your words and actions will be of benefit. Our time on earth is really very short, do not miss the opportunity to create good karma with what you leave behind.

7. Be grateful. It is the best antidote to complaining, depression and unhappiness. We are fortunate beings from all points of view, and gratitude thrusts us straight to forget all traces of bitterness.

8. Do not criticize or judge others. Respecting others’ choices and their free will helps us put focusing on what is important: to improve   ourselves regardless of the words and actions of others.

9. Meditate. Learning to calm the mind reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and creates more neurons in the neocortex. Not identifying yourself with your thousands of repetitive thoughts is profoundly liberating.

10 Be the change you want to see in the world. Do not wait for others to lead the way. Each of us, from his corner, it is essential for the transformation of humanity. Cheer up! Do not be discouraged because others do not contribute.


**Article published in the magazine Objetivo Bienestar, by Monica Esgueva

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