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How to Raise Your Level of Consciousness

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Do you ever find yourself…

Feeling a disconnect and misalignment between how you are showing up now and who you aspire to become next.
Not quite sure how to set yourself free from obstacles and burdens to be able to fly to higher ground.
Having an inner knowing that you are here with a mission, but you do not know how to align with your Higher Self.
Thinking that you have the willingness and great potential but don’t know which steps to take to move forward on your inner & spiritual path.
Wishing to be at peace but feeling dissatisfaction and restlessness.

If any of that resonates…

I got you!

Hi, I'm Mónica Esgueva

I am dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey toward expanding their consciousness, cultivating inner peace, and living a life of deep fulfillment.

I provide practical tools and inspiration for significant personal and spiritual growth through transformational coaching, public teachings, and profound retreats, all enriched by the insights gathered from authoring 9 books.

Since 2008, I have assisted my clients in overcoming and transcending their challenges, helping them to shine and thrive, and facilitating their personal and spiritual evolution through a blend of my personal embodied experience plus expert training in complementary modalities, including:

Mind training with Tibetan lamas
Mindfulness & advanced meditation
Transformational Life Coaching
Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Psychology & neuroscience

With my new book, The 7 Levels of Wisdom, I intend to pass along to the reader all the knowledge, resources, and wisdom I have acquired so that you can walk your path to the highest level of consciousness with a guiding hand.

Let me support you on your journey toward awakening.

What Thought Leaders Say

"Monica Esgueva has the rare quality of combining erudition
with simplicity to explain the different levels of human spirituality.
The 7 Levels of Wisdom is a very clarifying work."

Francesc Miralles

Author of the international bestseller "IKIGAI"

"A complex and deeply researched examination of how to better understand ourselves and the world around us. The 7 Levels of Wisdom is a must-read for all willing to discover our true purpose in life. This book is magnificent."

Paul Zaentz

Producer of the film The English Patient

"In her engaging and well-researched new book, Mónica Esgueva aims to take readers through the gates of wisdom and enable them to find greater fulfillment and peacefulness in their daily lives."

Richard Zimler

Bestselling author of The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon

"Mónica is a modern day Mystic."

Kara Johnstad

Singer & host of Voice Rising at OMTimes Radio

"In her latest book, The 7 Levels of Wisdom, author Mónica Esgueva lucidly presents the case for the evolution of consciousness.

She offers helpful and practical advice on dealing with our personality disorders in order to open into Pure Consciousness, which transcends our normal dualistic mind. 

Despite the sad legacy of our past history, this book remains confident that an upward shift in global consciousness is imminent. It is certainly needed!"

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Western yogini, teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, and founder of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery

"Here’s to a timeless masterpiece that ushers the reader into an inside-out journey of the depths, breadths, and lengths of not just theoretical knowledge but wisdom in its practicality. Indeed, in a world full of many internal struggles, chaos, and diverse exposure to negativities, Monica has just launched a reset designed to build a new generation of purpose-driven minds ready for tangible positive impact and real-time change."

Eden Benibo

Editor-in-chief of Hello ICON magazine

"A book like this is so needed in the Western world. A bridge needs to be built, and Mónica Esgueva is the one doing it."

Mynak Tulku Rinpoche

Spiritual Buddhist leader in Bhutan, ex-director of the Bhutan National Museum and National Library

It’s time to take the next step in your

Inner & Spiritual Growth...

Connect with your own heart and spirit to expand and be always at peace.
Remove what is blocking you so that you can fast-track your evolution.
Learn how to progress to the next level of development and joy.
Break through your threshold of automatisms and unconscious limitations so you can rise.
Experience profound inner healing and discover who you truly are at a soul level.
Understand the deeper purpose of your current challenges to overcome them forever.

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Mónica Esgueva is an author, teacher, transformational coach, and spiritual guide whose work touches people profoundly, inspiring transformations in their day-to-day lives. She has a distinct voice, appealing to people from many backgrounds, showing a path of evolution of consciousness from wherever you are right now.

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