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Mónica has authored and published 7 books in Spanish about personal and spiritual development. 

el infinito empieza aqui


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Only in Spanish

The Infinity Starts Here

A spiritual adventure

We are at a point in history where humanity must decide between waking up or disappearing, and this novel shows that every person plays a fundamental role in it. These fast-paced and illuminating adventures are a journey of initiation, capable of transforming the reader and their own reality.

Mindfulness una guia practica

Available on Amazon - Kindle and Paperback

Only in Spanish


A practical guide

Did you know that distractions can take more than two hours of our day? In the age of dispersion, Mónica Esgueva proposes enhancing our mindfulness, so as not to lose our focus and enjoy the here and now. After twenty years in the world of meditation, the author presents us with a practical guide in which she shares all her knowledge as an expert in the field. Not only does she introduce us to mindfulness in a clear way, but she also proposes exercises that will help us improve our concentration, free ourselves from our worries and savor life without feeling like it escapes from us.

10 claves para alcanzar tus sueños

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Only in Spanish

10 Keys to Achieving Your Dreams

Apply coaching in your life

After her extensive experience as a coach, Mónica Esgueva has seen that the psyche of people is marked by the traces of every event ocurred. These traces, for better or worse, influence our individual development as human beings. These marks have their consequences, even if we are not aware of it. This book will help you heal the scars that prevent you from developing your full potential. 10 Keys to Achieving your Dreams will guide you to find your inner strength, live more fully and achieve personal balance.

Cuando sea feliz

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Only in Spanish

When You Will Be Happy

A revolutionary path to true happiness

What is advocated in this book is simple, but not easy. In a culture that celebrates speed and instant gratification, Mónica Esgueva proposes a different, almost revolutionary path. The author says that we cannot trust the hollow premises that promise us fulfillment at the stroke of a wallet. Nor the new currents that ensure the conquest of the most desired dreams thanks to a weekend workshop and a couple of visualizations. As attractive as these tricksting propositions look, their brightness fades away very quickly. Nothing changes if we have not changed profoundly before. It is necessary to grow, devote ourselves time, effort and even some discipline. Only in this way will we attain true happiness.

Los 3 pilares de la felicidad

Available on Amazon - Paperback

Only in Spanish

The 3 Pillars of Happiness

Strategies to make your mind your best ally

The purpose of this book is practical. At the end of each part, the author offers a series of exercises of easy and direct application oriented to the development of our capabilities. The objective of this book is to address all those who have an interest in knowing more about their mind and how we can become the best version of ourselves. Our lives are shaped not so much by our experiences as by our expectations. If we want to push the boundaries of our life, we have to start by expanding the limits of our minds There is no other way.

Donde pueda rozar tu corazón

Available on Amazon - Kindle and Paperback

Only in Spanish

Where I Can Reach Your Heart

Alicia travels to the Philippines to visit a good friend. However, upon her arrival in Manila she learns of his recent death... It is the first of three trips that also lead her to volunteer in Tanzania and to receive lessons from Tibetan lamas refugees in India. An entire itinerary with experiences that become decisive for her. "I have felt, I have cried, I have searched, I have discovered, I have suffered disappointments, I have made pilgrimages and I have changed, for nothing and no one has left me indifferent. Death and life in the Philippines, the beat of the earth in Africa, spirituality and human weaknesses in India. The inner path has flourished and begun to radiate; the heart is still searching..."

Available on Amazon - Kindle and Paperback

Only in Spanish

Messages to the Soul

Wisdom for Everyday Life in Difficult Times

This is a short manual of practical wisdom in which the author answers the most common questions we ask ourselves in our daily lives, divided into three great topics: oneself, relationships with others and understanding the world. Many people feel they are in a dead end. However, it is always possible to take another path. It is necessary to open our minds,  to reflect and question ourselves. And also to abandon the role of victims and to focus on action and change. We can move towards a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow. The good news is that it depends on ourselves.

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