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Transformational Coaching

Gain inspiration and strength to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, leaving behind the traps of the mind and ego.

Do you aim to align your inner spiritual life with the outer life?
Do you often get confused about how to tackle various situations in life?
Do you really know what you are doing and why?
Do you feel you are stuck when you could be thriving?
Do you feel you have a lot of potential and aspirations but cannot feel much lasting satisfaction?
Do you lack peace of mind?

Guidance is always useful.

We all have challenges, and life —now more than ever— is complex and rapidly changing.

We tend to have clutter in our minds due to emotional attachments, burdens from the past, worries, fears, excess information, and so on.

In these situations, a coach that works at a deep level plays a vital role since she can help you see things with the correct perspective and overcome what is still bothering you.

You can also find clarity about your life's purpose through Transformational coaching.

It is not about what the world wants but what you want and need right now.

Unfortunately, due to external or internal noise, most people cannot listen to what they need. To make people aware of their inner strength, a Transformational coach is required.

That is a great way to inspire you to live a more meaningful life, leaving the trappings of the mind and ego behind.

Since 2008 Mónica helps people all over the world develop a deeper understanding and awareness about their authentic self, so they can live a more fulfilling, passionate and rewarding life.

She has the power to understand the spiritual side of people, and help you overcome fear, anxiety, and the obstacles that separate you from a life of peace and joy.

Mónica’s Coaching functions at a deep level.

The external factors affecting life are studied. But she also considers the internal landscape of the person. The root cause of problems is found, whether it is in their childhood and early programming, the personality, the ego, or their inner interpretation of life events.

She sees people's highest potential and guides her clients to form holistic strategies toward managing the mind, emotions, and soul path.

Benefits of Transformational Coaching with Mónica

Gain inspiration and strength to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, leaving behind the traps of the mind and ego.


Helping you change your life by changing how you operate more deeply. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, you will delve into your deep-rooted beliefs and connection to the divine and find inner peace.


Being shown how to work with the laws of the universe to collaborate with your soul instead of resisting and fighting whatever comes your way.


Understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective so that you can lead a more meaningful life.


Discovering your profound purpose and that all the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path.


Helping you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live.


Assisting you in finding who you really are and healing your old wounds so you can move into a better, brighter future.


Overcoming the fear of death, facing it with serenity, and taking it as a simple transition into a new stage of existence.


Helping you shift gears from being a victim to taking responsibility for your life.


Understanding how we have been programmed and how to leave the Matrix of duality.


Drawing your focus away from any negativity or judgments surrounding you. Thus, taking charge and focusing on the positive will be possible.


Becoming more connected to your inner guidance will lead you to live a life full of gratitude, joy, and harmony


Learning to trust yourself and your intuition.


Being able to prepare for Ascension by learning to detach from the obsolete and aligning with higher values.


Reconnecting and identifying with the spirit that dwells within to find balance and strength, as well as receiving the inspiration to create and work at higher standards.


Feeling comfortable talking about life in a meaningful way, so you can feel safe and secure when opening up and sharing your most intimate path with someone who can truly understand you.


Help you implement new spiritual practices that allow your soul to blossom and keep you connected to your divine inner wisdom.


Leaving behind the feelings of being trapped in stress, fear, and pain and instead experiencing a life based on love, trust, and knowing.


Severing the connection between yourself and your past pains makes it less likely that the same old issues will come up and sabotage you in the future.


Healing unresolved issues ensures a complete transformation of mind, body, and soul.


Being able to shift to true positive thinking, to an awareness of all that is good in the world, and to find meaning beyond the shallowness of this society.


Being shown how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve you and no longer resonate with you on a deep level.


Learning how to be at peace even when you are surrounded by chaos deepens your sense of knowing what life and the universe are all about.


Together we will strip away the layers of conditioning, fear, doubt, guilt, and limitations imposed by the ego and start living from your soul.

Mónica Esgueva

Transformational coach

Mónica has been working as a professional coach since 2008, working with dozens of people from all areas and social status. Therefore, she has the experience, talent and intuition to understand what people's mental limits are, as well as their potential for expansion.   

Before becoming a professional coach, she worked for Prada in London and Insead International business school in France, creating leadership programs for international executives. However, Mónica left her 9 to 5 job to pursue her true passion and purpose in life: Contributing to creating a better world by teaching others how to overcome their limitations, heal their wounds and find inner peace.

She decided to build a solid base with formal specialization in NLP, psychology, hypnosis, neuroscience, and coaching, mainly in the USA, and spending months at a time in Nepal and India, studying the works of the mind, meditation, and consciousness with Tibetan lamas. She also received teachings from the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (India) for ten years.

Embarked on a committed spiritual path since she was a teenager, she has taught mindfulness and emotional intelligence since 2010. She also leads meditation and spiritual teaching retreats and has been doing workshops to show how to progress on the spiritual path.

Having gone through her own spiritual awakening process, she knows that connecting with your higher Self or your true essence entails the deep inner work of pulling away from the external ego, issues, pain, and so on. The discovery of your inner divinity comes through overcoming internal barriers and diving into the depths of self-realization in the heart, body, mind, and soul. That is why having personalized, experienced guidance can help you develop safely and faster, meeting you where you are on your inner path right now.

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if you feel ready to take your life to the next level, perhaps the time has come to have Mónica's personalized guidance. You will be amazed at what is possible with the proper guidance, training, and support.

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How many sessions should I take to achieve my goals?

Our recommendation is to do personalized work with Mónica for a minimum of one year. This will ensure that a relationship of trust is built and you have time to overcome any limiting beliefs or other internal blockages that are holding you back. And you can integrate the new ways to use your mind, heart and soul to expand, have more inner peace, and greater happiness.

This life coaching process will help you unfold and develop, allowing you to expand more and more over time.

Where are the coaching sessions held?

Personal Coaching sessions are conducted online via Skype or Zoom. Mónica offers a first free 20-minute telephone mini-consultation for people who wish to have a coaching process with her and need a first personal contact to ask any particular questions.

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