There is nothing that happens to us that cannot be used for our evolution. Every experience can and will yield self-realization if used as a catalyst. This requires awareness and intention, as well as self-reflection, patience and engaging in deep levels of self-acceptance and surrender.

With the current state of global affairs, we can be too tempted to put all our attention outside and let ourselves be swept away by what we see, hear and read. We may believe that what will happen to us is out of our control, so it makes no sense to work on ourselves. This is just another sort of distraction and a childish way to relinquish our responsibility.

Everything that happens is geared towards offering us an opportunity for our spiritual evolution. As Rumi said, “Everything is rigged… in our favor”. Everything is conspiring for our growth. Even when it least seem so, like it does now.

Struggling and resisting is never the answer, nor is trying to control the apparent chaos. All challenges are opportunities for our own development. However, if we only focus on the global state of the world, the little we can actually perceive about it anyway, we are missing the chance of using all that is happening as a springboard for increasing our level of consciousness.

Let’s remember that our choices bear metaphysical consequences precisely because of the challenges and temptations we must overcome with our will in order to make them. Therefore, potentially we have now a huge opportunity to take an inner leap. Not only because the energy is changing on our planet, but because we commit ourselves to use it all as a positive catalyst for ourselves. 

Gratitude is the discipline that clears the eyes to see that each moment —especially the difficult ones— hold hidden jewels of spiritual insight and self-understanding. From this perspective we can trust that the universe is always working for us. This is the most self-empowered of all attitudes, truly required right now. Logic and rationality is insufficient when facing big challenges. Faith is what will make easier to take a great leap into the unknown, trusting that all is well, that there is cause to hope, that there is a Plan at work here.

Do we really want to contribute to the global transformation? Then we must concentrate on doing our part. That is, cleansing our own shadow, healing our wounds and going beyond the ego identity.

The process of self-healing requires a deep and honest focus on our inner life and a willingness to face up all the feelings inside. It is about acknowledging them as ours, taking responsibility for them and not feeling like a victim of the past, of other people, of the elite or society at large.

Having been hypnotized by the collective belief system —and traumatized by its negativity— for so long we have bought into the notion that life is about struggle and suffering, that we have to fight to survive, that we need to be alert all the time, that we have to defend ourselves from external attacks… All these beliefs and structures have now risen to the surface, so we can let go of them.

There is not a real fight going on in the common way we know. However, there is a great need to rise our level of consciousness. In order for the power of oneness, the strength of the light we can  transmit can infuse the lower energies still existing here and dissolve them smoothly and for good.

The aim of being more conscious is to become aware of one’s divinity and acknowledging the creative power that resides in us, and ultimately to grow through joy instead of through suffering. That is our present challenge.

Written by: Monica Esgueva

Published on:

Golden Age of Gaia

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