Many say I am a good person and believe in God, so I am sure I am prepared to ascend. It is not that simple. Human beings are divine sparks, so we have the potential for the perfect divinity. That is, we have that inherent tendency to be good people. This does not mean that we are going to ascend immediately.

Important internal development work is needed since evolution is done from the awareness of who we really are and from moving from the ego to the Higher Self.

Therefore, enlightenment is not achieved only from being a good person if fear dominates me, if my body is full of toxins, if I dedicate myself to criticizing anyone that crosses my path, or if I surrender my sovereignty to authority… No matter how good a person you are.

Let’s realize that we are getting closer to what the law of One calls harvest, which I prefer to call graduation because it is much easier to understand.

We have gone through many cycles of incarnations that have allowed us to experience matter and duality on this planet of low vibration in order to learn and take back to the Source many experiences.

Everything that happened to us had a why, although we could not understand it at the time.

Our soul has chosen the most appropriate encounters and circumstances for our growth.

Everything has been perfect the way it was.

We have had countless opportunities to develop our wisdom and compassion.

We have been through many lessons and training.

We are in the final intensive course before passing the last exams, and now it is time for graduation.

Just like when you finish your university degree, not everyone will be able to graduate.

Some will have to repeat several subjects, and others entire courses.

Graduation speed is not imposed from the outside. We have free will to choose our learning speed.

Everything in the Universe is made with the utmost care for each of us. There is nothing random.

Everything is filled with unconditional love.


The final call impels us to act from the Higher Self

It is time to leave aside the tricks and manipulations of the ego to which we are accustomed. We must stop identifying with the character; constant self-observation is essential. We must take advantage of every single opportunity: Being aware of when we are provoked and not responding in the same way; when we seek to be the center of attention; when we want to feel above the other, and when we compete to be more special or argue to win and be right. Also, when we project on others our own weaknesses instead of looking at ourselves and striving to overcome them; when we try to evade ourselves so that someone else can do the tasks; when we lie and cheat in our desire to stand out or take advantage.

The ego adopts multiple disguises

Too often, we indulge ourselves and stumble over the same stones repeatedly. The ego wants to be virtuous when we point fingers and judge others instead of respecting their idiosyncrasies. When we criticize other people’s faults or give unsolicited opinions to people, we overlook that each one acts the best they can or knows how to at all times. Our view is that I should keep to myself. Or, even better, transform it into compassion for the other person.

The ego always seeks to dominate or be dominated, to have power over others or to feel like a victim of circumstances, to get involved in what is none of its business instead of working on its own weaknesses, to feel important, or to camouflage the inferiority complex.

Disidentifying from this exhausting ego in a perpetual state of defenselessness is one of the most significant tasks the third-dimensional human being has to carry out.

Ascension implies that the center of gravity is located in the Higher Self, having confirmed that the ego is never a good advisor or boss. On the contrary, it must be transcended so as not to give in to the survival impulses of homo sapiens and become the homo Christus we are called to be. That is, free yourself from the chains of instincts and live from consciousness at every moment.

The next phase has arrived

Now the next phase has arrived for those who wish to participate. It is time to live with meaning. It is time to wake up from our lethargy. It is time to align ourselves with our Essence.

In this new era we are inaugurating, the coordinates are no longer based on ego, individuality, conflict, confrontation, power, wealth, and recognition.

We must be rooted in cooperation, unity, interconnectedness, brotherhood, peace, harmony, beauty, and goodness.

This is the clear manifestation of what it means to move from the ego to consciousness. And we must first carry it out in our daily life so that it is not just an excellent idea but a proven fact.

* Author: Mónica Esgueva

* Originally published on Medium (New Earth Consciousness)

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