Unity Consciousness will be the prevalent consciousness on the New Earth.

When we reach the 5th dimension, we will still be involved in physicality, but we will have abilities beyond the third-dimensional structure and form. We will have to overcome the dualistic aspects of the experience, as we will be able to use that in unimagined manners.

Our goal is to go beyond the limits of form using pure Light energy and our thoughts and feelings that align with it. This planet will no longer allow those not wishing to live in balance and harmony with their fellow beings. Those attached to separation, competition, and confrontation will be phased out.

All these experiences have a role to play in the soul’s evolution, but they will not be possible here anymore. Those who still want to explore and experiment with the dark shades will have to move to a different planet to continue their journey at their own pace.

The process of moving away from a level of dualistic thinking.

That is, letting go of the dualistic mindset where everything is black or white, and everything is seen as opposites, to a more integrated consciousness, where we are more open and accepting of everything that is without prejudices or judgments.

It also means that we have integrated a sense of humility, reflecting that we are all at different stages of evolution. Nothing to criticize or to look down upon. When we reach unity Consciousness, we can clearly perceive the various degrees of realization needed to reach that level.

A dualistic way of thinking sees everything as either positive or negative, right or wrong, light or dark. So, we think that by focusing only on the positive and positive energies, we will avoid being affected by negativity. It is doubtful that taking this course of action will be effective, as the negative can always find a way into our energy or mind through some crack.

It is best to avoid watching fearmongering TV and news and talking to negative people, as it can harm us. However, we must go beyond this level of understanding, achieving comprehension that both the light and the dark, the good and the bad, have their place in the evolution of the soul.

Being awake.

Being awake means realizing that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience instead of staying trapped in the physicality of existence. It is about learning to participate in physical activities without getting stuck in them. It is essential to maintain a higher level of awareness throughout the day, beyond the appearances of the drama at hand.

The coming phase will see this Planet shift from being an experiment in charge of the Dark Side to experimenting with the balance of Light and Dark. Many will continue to operate from a dualistic consciousness and the perspective of separation.

Once we reach Ascension, we will remember who we really are, multidimensional spiritual beings who can see the connection of everything and how it all works together.

The challenge for all of us is living now from that higher consciousness that accepts it all without resistance or fight, embraces the twists and turns of this illusion without being caught up in it, and remains calm in the storm, knowing that this is a stepping stone towards unity.

* Author: Mónica Esgueva

* First published on Medium (New earth Consciousness)

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