We live in a  society that overemphasizes thinking, and that is mainly because we get carried away by fear. Fear produces a need for control, and mental thoughts seem to satisfy this need. Unfortunately, we cannot grasp with our mind  what life really is.

This current time is bringing  much confusion to people who are not ready for change. They feel insecure, they experience a lack of meaning in their lives, and they do not know how to deal with these confused emotions.

It is not the moment to hide our fears and shadows under the rug. We are  equipped to heal the pain inside. We can light up our own inner darkness, looking at it with love and compassion. And in so doing, we can set an example of lightwork that emanates to others and encourages them to light up themselves.

We need to be very aware of what is going on inside. As soon as you notice that your emotions become rampant, and you feel uneasy, irritated, anxious, or annoyed, face up to it immediately. It is very important to be brave and not to blame others for how we feel, and not to distract ourselves from it either. Only if we are willing to reach out to the darkest part of ourselves, we will be able to transmit the highest light into our human existence, and use this time and space for self healing and transmuting what is old and obsolete, which will surely become a burden in the not too far future.

It is essential to nurture ourselves, both on the spiritual and on the human level, being self-compassionate. Try to do something that helps or comforts you, whether it is reading an uplifting book,  preparing a fine meal for yourself, praying or meditating. It is very useful to stay focused and take our time. This is how self healing occurs, taking one step at a time.

Right now, Mother Earth is reaching out to a new consciousness and it is rising above the ego dominated forces that somehow captivated her. Our dear planet is moving to a higher frequency and we  have the choice to go along with this transformation or to resist it.

We, individually and globally, stand before a choice. Will we align  ourselves to this higher order, which is the call of the heart, altruism and brotherhood? Are we willing to collaborate with this transformation or –at the expense of everything– hold on to the old, to what seems safe and secure, but which is clearly crumbling down?

We are on Earth at these times to assist, as best as each one of us can, in the smooth transition to a new consciousness. We can do this by being an example of what it is like to live from the heart. But first we need to do our own inner cleansing and healing, so we do not make the mistake of projecting outside what we have been resisting and fighting against  for too long. Let’s seize this period of external pause to do it. By dissolving our own shadow we contribute to dissolving that of the whole. 


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Author: Monica Esgueva

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    • Alan

      I found this most useful. This is the time to dig in and see face to face our weaknesses…
      It really made me reflect, thank you for it.

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