Since most lightworkers are in the know, there is no need to remind anyone that the storm is coming, that a time of great chaos is approaching, that we are going to witness great distress and even great control measures on the general population.
We have been warned, in order to prepare us both mentally and physically. The end game is unfolding as we speak, and what we are going to see is not going to be pleasant, to say the least.
At the same time, we are aware that it is inevitable and it is aligned with the Infinite Plan, despite what it may look like to the unaware mind.
Humanity’s ascension has been on hold for considerable time due to the lack of critical mass. However, time is up. No more delays. No more waiting for anyone. The process is going to become increasingly intense, because the time to remain lukewarm is long past.

The incoming energies from the Central Sun are accelerating the process and also intensifying the vibration each human being is emitting, whether it be a low or a high one. The gap between those resonating with love and those resonating with fear and materialism is expanding by the day.
There are still opportunities for those asleep to wake up and take the ascension train. A big part of what is going to be displayed is geared towards them.
Out of compassion, we must hold the space for them and when it is time, hold their hand, help them to heal and guide them towards the light, if it is their wish.

In the meantime, the best thing we can do is to take distance from whatever news will be reported by the mainstream media or even social media, as it will be filtered through fear and mind control.
Our main responsibility at the moment —and until the dark cloud dissolves— is to keep our vibration high.
The world needs this more than anything else right now, and we will not be able to assist when the time is right if we panic and fall like most people will in the following weeks and months.

The best antidote is to be the guardian of your own mind and not let anything that is not uplifting, spiritual or positive  cross the threshold of your inner door. If you let poison come into your inner self, no matter how evolved you are, your thoughts and feelings will become seriously polluted.
Feed yourself only with what is of a higher nature and leave the rest aside, regardless of who is sharing the information or the knowledge.
You are the master of your mind, heart and soul. This is the time to act as one.


Article published on:

Golden Age of Gaia

Era of Light

Translated into French and published on:

La Presse Galactique


Written by: Monica Esgueva

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