1. REVIEW your past to heal all the wounds (otherwise you will be reenacting them today).

Especial focus should be given to your childhood wounds because they become subconscious patters and defense mechanisms for the rest of your life. It is advisable to count on the help of a professional therapist who can guide you and support you with this.

2. FORGIVE everyone that has ever hurt or harmed you, forgive the world for its unfairness, and forgive yourself.

Holding on to grudges is a huge obstacle for inner growth. It is virtually impossible to fly to higher ground if you carry heavy burdens. It is not a service you render to others is the only way to unchain yourself from the past.


It is okay to start with just 10 minutes per day in order to boost your mindfulness and wellbeing since we have incredibly busy and crazy lives, but if you want it to have a real impact in your life, you must take it to greater depth and commitment. 

If you wish to get one step closer to awakening, it will be necessary to expand the time dedicated to it and to include regular meditation and silent retreats. It will allow you to take time and space outside of the infinite interferences and distractions that overwhelm us in our daily life. This way, you will increase the chances of des-identify with your ego and have direct experience of the subtleties of the world beyond the physical senses.

4. Take up the practice of reading regularly INSPIRATIONAL & SACRED books. 

It is indispensable to learn from those more advanced who were generous enough to show the path. You must walk your own road, but it is indeed very fortunate to have signs that indicate the right direction along the way.

5. Take every challenge, obstacle and crisis as an OPPORTUNITY  to develop virtues in yourself. 

It is easy to remain joyful and grateful when everything works out well. But it is really hard to keep your balance and clarity when unexpected surprises arrive, especially difficult ones. However, if you teach yourself that every uncomfortable situation holds an opportunity for growth, life becomes much more interesting and you do not waste any energy resisting whatever comes your way.

6. INTEGRATE  in your daily life the fact that everything you think, say and do has consequences. 

Therefore, feed only the positive in your mind because it is what causes that you speak with truthfulness and kindness, and that you act with awareness of your own behavior and with compassion towards all living beings. The seeds you plant today you will reap them in the future. Whether you are aware of it or not is irrelevant.

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