There is a saying that states that the more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency. That is, you raise your frequency by becoming informed. However, the information must be based on the Truth. If it is not, it lowers your vibration. Hence the fight over our consciousness that is currently occurring on Earth.

We can actually see the end result of the manipulation of our consciousnesses: most people believe in what they are told and as a result they are unknowingly creating it for themselves, not realizing that they are being manipulated into believing lies.

We must remember that our nature is not divisive or contentious. We are beings of love, not war, not violence, not hate, not killing.

We become angry because we have been taught that it is the way to respond to certain situations, trying to get the upper hand. This was shown to us since childhood and our genetics were tampered with to enhance this predisposition. But it is not the way of compassion to have such a low vibration as anger or rage.

In view of the growing global chaos and greater fabricated confrontation within humanity, we must watch ourselves closely so we do not fall into this trap and feed the darkness with our very behavior.

Fortunately, as our vibration rises with the ascension, our tendency to become annoyed or angry is decreasing. But we must be very careful with how we are contributing to the global transformation.

Currently, many lightworkers are busy spreading the message of Truth. Unfortunately, the Matrix still has a great deal of minions out there spreading lies in a desperate effort to try to counteract the Truth being told. Thus, we have to be good at feeling the information’s frequency so we can judge for ourselves and avoid being controlled.

Information has a frequency and in a similar manner that we can feel a pulse of a person, we have to become adept at feeling the frequency of the information we are experiencing.

There is no hiding from one with good telepathic and psychic skills. We all have this ability, we just need to quiet our mind in order to connect with our intuition. That way we can read others like a book. Because their light and their energy is their information.

To real goal here is to align with the Truth in peace and harmony. But to do that,  one must first know it.


Published on : Golden Age of Gaia

Witten by: Mónica Esgueva

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    • Kathy Woodrick

      Thank You! This is very helpful. I want to raise my vibrations! I am very excited to be and live in 5D.

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