Last week I went  to a social dining room with a good friend of mine. Some of you know that I am a fervent believer in the value of volunteering, which has led me to give a small hand in some places of the world such as India or Tanzania. However, I am convinced that it is not necessary to go far away in order to  personally contribute to a better world. Opportunities are very close, and sometimes it is not even a question of helping with the two hands, but through teaching, healing with words or listening, inspiring the development of others, opening the path so others can cross it,  helping to awaken, showing the way to fulfillment….

In any case, if we are working on our inner growth, it is extremely useful to cultivate the attitude of service to humanity. The other day, after sharing with these people in need, I reflected upon the great lesson involved in serving those who have less, putting the food on their plates, making them feel cared for and worthy, cleaning the tables, sweeping the room … In a way, it puts you in touch with other realities, and it leads you to feel closer to the less fortunate. In a real and direct way you perceive that you are one of them too. You appreciate that there is no difference between you and them because we are all part of the same human family. And it is no longer a theoretical concept, something to strive for in order to evolve … You really feel it!

The path to the evolution of consciousness necessarily goes through compassion and service. Compassion towards those who suffer, and service to the less advanced and in need. These are two attitudes that must be cultivated in a world full of competition, envy, and hatred. Obviously, our impact is small if we think of all the major problems that are affecting the world right now, yet the small contribution of each of us is very necessary. Together we can achieve great things. That is why we also need your help.

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