One of the elements which has helped me the most in my own journey of awakening has been feeling part of the divine flow. Experiencing —not just intellectually knowing— the fact of being a spark of light within an ocean of living awareness.

There are times when we doubt our ability to assist humanity during this turbulent period, questioning whether we are doing enough. I have come to terms with the idea that it is not so much what we do right now, but becoming identified with the indestructible spark that we truly are. By doing so, we can offer a unique contribution to the whole with our loving vibration.

All too often “doing” stands on the way of being. We cannot fathom the great impact of our emanation, especially as our consciousness increases and we can radiate more light.

It is the divine spark, our essence, which needs to unconditionally accept all the circumstances we go through, without feeling victimized. Even when we do not understand all the causes and conditions at play, we need to embrace those experiences which are presented to us as a means to learn, so our consciousness expands and becomes more compassionate.

We go through different stages, and sometimes we hold the belief that we need to struggle and fight in order to progress. This is an obsolete idea that humanity has believed for far too long. Our liberation comes from acceptancing and relinquishing, not even from trying too hard to be good and helpful.

It is by bringing our soul’s uniqueness to the world that we can inspire others to  also believe in themselves and bring out their best. We do not have to obsess ourselves with how to spread light in the world. It is by becoming aligned with our essence and letting go of the burdens and shoulds that we can make our greatest contribution.

Somehow this became clear through meditation. One day, I could clearly see a sacred triangle that seems to unlock the door to higher consciousness. The three magical vertexes are:

  1. Rooting yourself in the eternal present where your past loses all importance and you do not have to control or worry about the future.
  2. Developing a total trust in the universe and the benevolent forces, being certain that you are guided, taken care of and protected.
  3. Surrendering completely, only possible once you have gone through the two first ones. It is the symbolic act of throwing yourself backwards from a cliff in free fall, overcoming the natural fear of destruction and death of your body, only to find out that the universe has your back. Right there your conscious ascension begins as you realize you are pure immortal Light.

The keys are within our reach more than ever before. The question remains, are we willing to do what it takes to unlock the door sooner rather than later?


Author: Monica Esgueva

Published on : Golden Age of Gaia


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