Sometimes it is disheartening to see so much darkness in this world. Rampant violence, hate on social media, racism, endless conflict, natural catastrophes, unbridled anger, terrible news on the media, nepotism of the elites, and so on. One cannot help but wondering: Is there any hope in this current world? Is there something that I can do? Is the world going to collapse? Is it all out of my control?

We tend to think that our planet is a piece of rock floating in the atmosphere. This is not so. The Earth is a living being that kindly hosts us and other species of animals and plants. We are all cells of this living organism, and whether we like it or not, we are intertwined. We could say that human beings are the neurons of Gaia, our home planet. We are the most intelligent cells here, the most advanced in terms of consciousness too. However, we have become utterly dysfunctional because we do not cooperate together, because we have convinced ourselves that we are solitary kings in competition with the other neurons. Really? By being in permanent conflict with each other, we have entered a state of collective schizophrenia that is driving the planet crazy. Does it make any sense that we invest in destroying each other instead of building together? We, collectively, are the brain of Gaia, and should be taking care of the whole system, including our less developed brothers and sisters.

Of course, there is hope. But we cannot place the blame and the burden on others, not even on those with power. The change we want to see in the world begins with us. It is a collective responsibility, and we cannot shy away from it. So how can I start? How can I contribute to the whole?  Very simple, focus on your mind, your life, your part. At this point in time, every single contribution is not only valuable but also crucial. We all need YOU.

If your mind is calm and relatively quiet,

If you have made amends with your past,

If you do not worry about the future,

If you accept everything in your life at the moment,

If you observe what is going on in the world without anger, as a witness who recognizes that all goes according to the Infinite Plan,

If you focus on your own healing and awakening,

If you let go of the need to judge others…

**We contribute to the external changes from the inside. Actually, it is the only way to achieve a real transformation. All the rest are mere superficial changes that do not take real roots.

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