At every moment of our day, we are either reinforcing the ego or increasing our level of  consciousness. Every thought we think, every word we speak, every action we take has its effect.

If our mind is held steady in the Light at all times, then our emotional body will be held in the Light, and so will our actions, for our thoughts create our reality.

In every interaction with ourselves, with other people and with the world in general, we should be asking ourselves whether we are creating Light or darkness in the consciousness at every moment. Are we serving our ego and its agenda or are we serving a greater good? When we realize that  we are creating inappropriately, we should forgive ourselves for falling into the easy trap and immediately change our thinking, feeling and behavior.

Intention is key here. We should be very clear about our motivation for everything we do and ask ourselves what our true intentions are with everyone we encounter and everything we do. Being honest with ourselves will give us the opportunity to make changes. What is the ultimate motivation we choose to guide us? Are we constantly aligned with it? Are we reacting from an obsolete unconscious pattern that no longer represents who we want to be? Awareness allows us not to be dragged by habits or external elements, and come back to the greatest version of ourselves instead.

Inevitably, we go through highs and lows at this current time. Sometimes we face frustration and doubts as everything familiar seems to slip through our hands and we witness so many unpleasant behaviors and actions at this point in time. We have to let go of it all. There is no balancing the old and the new, because this is a genuinely new beginning. 

Beyond what we can see with our eyes, all is well. The celestial harmony can only be perceived in the quiet moments. However much information is garnered, recognizing the perfection of the Plan is a subjectively validated experience.

Faith is the only thing that can enlarge our perspective, revealing that all things we experience are a manifestation of the Creator.

Faith is what provides the bridge from the physical and facts based understanding to the infinite realm of the unknown. 

Faith is the antidote of confusion and fear.

There are many hints we can draw upon, but within the illusion there is no way to fully understand what is going on or why. We move in the darkness with only a candlelight to illuminate our ignorance. It is impossible to perceive the vastness and the majesty of the creation.

Ultimately, the only compass we can truly go by is our own soul. This is especially true for us, lightworkers. Somehow we are the pioneers, and often times we find little or no support and recognition from our environment. It is crucial that we learn  to rely on ourselves. We are actually not alone, and deep down we know where we are heading, because we planned this before birth. Our innate intuition and inner voice will bring us Home.

Ultimately we are all one. We are supported by an energy which is universal in all of us. That is our anchor and our real strength.

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