Now more than ever, we have to let go of the thoughts of how difficult it is to live on Earth, how hard it is to cope with the dark aspects of human society that we are witnessing.

All the turmoil and chaos is actually happening for us not to us, all is being brought forward for clearing. Otherwise, the planet and ourselves cannot move into the higher reality carrying this density in the collective unconsciousness.

However, we are not here to struggle, to defend yourselves, or to convince anyone of anything. 

We are here to connect with the highest version of ourselves and keep focusing on the good, the true and the beautiful. This means creating more light, contributing to the current transition in the best possible manner.

Each one of us has a unique place and a unique role within the whole. Finding our place and letting our light shine makes us feel deeply fulfilled. It makes us feel happy and joyful. Being at peace with ‘what is’ prepares us to fulfill our role and it  activates the highest that we can give.

Giving the highest of ourselves allows us to also receive everything we need to blossom and shine. It is not just an ideal, now it is available to us.

Yet, the only way to do it is by being willing to reach out to our darkest and most neglected parts. We need to acknowledge our pain, our wounds, and our darkness, individually and collectively. We need to embrace all aspects without judgment in order to trascend them.

Our destiny is to become absolutely  boundless and free, feeling the oneness with all that is. But coming clean, healing, and integrating are the initial stages that must be completed first.

Our journey has been carefully planned for our expansion and awakening. Let’s keep this awareness throughout the rough patches.

The Infinite Plan is unfolding and is unstoppable, regardless of what it may appear to be right now.


Author: Monica Esgueva

Published on:

Golden Age of Gaia

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