We have to remember that suffering results from the stories we tell ourselves, from attachments, from resistance to what is, from fears, from identification with the ego and its tricks… Therefore, suffering is not necessary for growth. We do not have to go through it at all.

Right now, a collision is taking place between the old and the new, and this is causing a lot of trouble. It is part of the duality of our human play, because as souls, we learn through contrast.

Our feelings are likely to be more intense if we forget that life on Earth is but a play on stage, a play that we ourselves wrote. When we believe that the illusion of life on Earth is real, the stakes seem to be higher and so our emotions tend to be stronger.

These are crucial times because we are globally going through the early stages of letting go of an ego based consciousness and moving towards a loving-kindness based consciousness.

We have  been on a long journey throughout many experiences. We have experienced the extremes of duality, without finding real fulfillment in anything of the world. Many of us are finally discovering that our essence is not rooted in duality, but in the underlying oneness we are becoming aware of.

We need to be patient now with the energetic reality of this planet. We also need to have patience with those parts of humanity and society that are walking behind and that are not yet able to grasp the wisdom and the freedom behind the lies we have been told for far too long. Even now, it will not be easy. Even now, a lot of darkness is coming to the surface: abuse of power, fear, old energy.

It is useless to try to change people who are still caught up in the reality of ego based consciousness.  Even though we may think that they need help, as long as they do not want it, it means they do not need it. We must respect their free will. Otherwise, it leads to a waste of energy and it often results in self-doubt and disappointment on the lightworker’s part. Our great desire to help can unfortunately become a trap. Let’s use our discernment and understanding right.

Unconditional love is founded upon acceptance of everything, of all that is without judgment. It is a type of consciousness that lets go of  the idea that struggle will solve anything or that we have to save anyone from anything. Its force lies in its quality of being all-embracing, all-accepting and fearless.

Nothing can be forced. We should just support the flow that is in place and unstoppable now. We are actually the ones who stand in between the old and the new at this time of transition and we must serve as a bridge towards a new Earth.

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Written by: Monica Esgueva


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