We have allowed ourselves to be insiders —to be born on Earth— in order to live the lives of those we are helping. By taking on their pain Lightworkers understand them and can help them in many ways. However, we should not forget to focus on their pain, not on our pain.

Living on earth right now is pretty painful. Remember that when we focus on our own pain, we may surrender to the ego’s will to feel sorry for itself. When we focus on others’ pain, we feel compassion as this is a gift we bring with us from the higher realms.

Our job is to work tirelessly to aid a world which sometimes only reflects its darkness back to us. But we still have to keep going.

As matter of fact, we broke into a prison camp and we are helping freeing the hostages now. We incarnated here to free those who could not free themselves. Sometimes the only thanks we get is to be ridiculed, but we must persevere. We work with the divine, taking our hints from light Beings.

We came in knowing it would not be easy. But rather than succumb to this fact, we continue pulling ourselves up and do the work, because we understand there is a better way, the way of unconditional love.

We know by now that by changing ourselves, we help others to change. By being a part of this humanity, we assist in bringing forth their own compassionate hearts.

We are the messengers and the message to be shared.

We cannot lose  sight of the goal: a better world for all.

We are the workers who will help with the creation of this.


Published on: Golden age of Gaia

Author: Mónica Esgueva


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