Why we have such a  hard time facing death? Why is it such a taboo in our society? Why there is so much fear around death?

First of all because we have not integrated it in our life. We do not want to realize that the only sure thing that will happen to us after we are born is that we will die. What remains a mystery is just the date.

I also think it is such a scary thing because in a material society like ours, with no spirituality, death is the end of all. You become nothing. You disappear, and the dear ones too. It must be really sad.

As for myself, I have always been very close to death. In my experience, it is only the doorway to a different stage. Energy cannot either be created or destroyed. Since we are energy, we existed and will continue to exist. It is just the form that changes. 

Working as a volunteer at a hospice for a while and at a hospital with children with cancer for ten years, I have witnessed a lot. I have also had good friends passing away. I have seen that when there is no fear and when the person is at peace, the transition is much easier and even pleasant. That is why I teach a workshop on spiritual preparation for death. So people can understand the process, the afterlife, and therefore accept it with joy and serenity. Whether is by accompanying a close one or their own (temporary) departure.

I have been with with many families who lost a child. It is a tough experience on this Earth, no doubt about it. In order to heal, it would be very important to realize that they do not grieve the child. They grieve his or her lost potential and the hopes they had for this kid. There are no mistakes in the Universe, even if we are not able to perceive the whole picture.  We do not know why a being decides to go back to Source earlier that we think it was fair. It would be crucial for parents to understand this, and the fact that they did nothing wrong. So they are not at fault. 

It is natural to grieve for a while, but it should not define a life. We are not here to regret what we do not have, but to be grateful for what we do have and to share our gifts with others. We should never forget it.

**Next workshop “Transition from Death to Light” will take place in Madrid, on February the 14th and 15th at the Brahma Kumaris center.

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