Many people think that the troubles we are experiencing will continue to pull us down, but bear in mind that this period of relative inaction rather than forward steps is an opportunity to look at the way we are living and seeing the deficiencies. 

We cannot see yet the future that lies ahead,  but as unlikely as it seems we have a glorious future ahead.

Somehow, we are setting the seeds for it as we go along even if it is not apparent to us.

So let’s try to look ahead with the anticipation of some very acceptable changes, as slowly but surely the garbage will be swept away and the many positive changes that await us will come into being.

Humanity clearly needs help and it is being given even if it is not yet apparent. 

By maintaining the highest spiritual level we can reach we will enhance our chances of staying on the path for Ascension. 

It is indeed beyond our imagination at present to visualize how things will work out, but be certain that we will not in the least be disappointed as surprising and amazing events lay ahead.

In not too long the past will be forgotten and our focus will entirely be on setting up a beautiful society where all people will be treated equally and kindly.

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