Every crisis presents a new opportunity to begin a new stage in your life.

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We tend to associate the word crisis with cataclysms, events that change our lives for the worse and make us suffer. This is due to our need to live in a predictable world, where things never happen that we have not planned before. It does not have to be that way. 

A crisis can be seen as a rupture in life, as we previously knew it, but that is not always bad. Sometimes it can save us from ourselves. Every crisis is accompanied by a flashlight, allowing us to move forward. New life is born in the soil’s darkness when new plants sprout. 

Crises are probably a push from the universe, or our soul, to push us and allow us to accelerate our internal growth. Unless we feel uncomfortable, we are usually not very eager to explore new territories. It is the opposite of staying still and frozen.

There are as many crises as there are people and stars in the universe, and each gives us a chance to learn more about ourselves and grow inside. Through hundreds of clients, I have found that psychological and emotional disorders are often just the surface of real issues.

I have discovered that emotional or psychological problems are born because we lose touch with ourselves. Daily life usually seems to take up all our attention and effort, and we tend to think that we will have time to rest and relax later and that it is not that important to take time for ourselves.

We feel that our whole world has collapsed when we suffer stress, anxiety, or guilt. Those moments make the most sense because it is during a crisis that real change happens.

Delving into ourselves always means returning to places we do not frequently go to because they make us remember bad memories that hurt us. We are unaware that we suffer because we avoid facing pain, crying, dealing with what is not working out, and our dissatisfaction. By facing our demons head-on, we can erase the pain and give a new meaning to our existence.

Every crisis presents a new opportunity to begin a new stage in your life. You only realize your strength when things get tough and you have to use your power to get back in balance. It is only when you are under pressure that you become a polished and shinier diamond. Changing your perspective in challenging circumstances can help you become a better version. 

In these challenging times, there are numerous crises. Even if you are not looking for it willingly, save the opportunity if it comes. Just keep growing, keep evolving.

Cultivating the following capabilities will help us overcome crises with resilience and be able to transform them into opportunities:


Resilient people are aware of the situation, their own emotional reactions, and the behavior of those around them. To manage emotions, it is essential to understand how we feel and the causes of our feelings without deceiving ourselves, hiding, without repressing.


It is essential to understand that setbacks are part of life. Our existence is full of challenges; this is the sheer reality. Although we cannot avoid many of the obstacles that come our way or prevent the vast majority of problems, we can remain open, flexible, and willing to adapt to changes without wasting useless energy fighting what we cannot change.

Internal control mode

Do you perceive that you are controlling your own life? Or do you blame external sources for your failures and concerns? Resilient people usually move in an internal control mode. They believe that their actions will affect a situation’s outcome. Of course, some factors are beyond our control, such as natural disasters or global economic crises.  The main thing is to feel that we have the power to decide how we think and what decisions we make that will affect our situation, our ability to deal with what comes, and our future.

Clear vision

When a crisis arises, resilient people can spot a solution. In dangerous situations, people sometimes get stuck in a narrow view. They cannot consider essential details or perceive opportunities or the need to adapt to new circumstances. Resilient individuals can calm down and reflect without being frightened.

Have Strong Social Connections

In difficult times, it is crucial to have people who can offer us support. It can be helpful to discuss our challenges and express the emotions that oppress us to gain perspective, seek new solutions, and take a little distance from the hurricane. Friends, family members, coworkers, and support groups can all be potential sources of social connection.

Identify yourself as a survivor, not a victim

In the face of any potential crisis, it is essential to see yourself as a survivor. Instead of thinking of yourself as a victim of circumstances, try to figure out how to solve the problem. Even when the situation may seem hopeless, we can remain focused on a positive outcome and maintain our inner balance.

Being able to ask for help

When our fortress falters, we must know how to ask for help. This can be done through books, a good therapist, or a coach who can help us develop our own internal capacities. We do not have to face all the challenges alone. 

*Author: Mónica Esgueva

Source: Addicted 2 Success

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