I have always liked the way Ken Wilber expreses what Spirit really is: “Spirit manifests itself in its own successive stages of unfolding. Spirit is not One apart from many, it is infinite activity expressing itself in the process of developing itself”. It means that we are all contributing to that development, to the process of becoming, right here right now.  We are all part of Godhead working through us, only when we surrender our free will and personality to it. Until we do that, there is no hope to overcome samsara. That is, continuos suffering and dissatisfaction. Our job consists in understanding and interpreting what Buddhists call emptiness and wisdom in order to stop believing the lie that your personality (ego/self) is you, and that you have any real existence –let alone thinking that you are superior and important–. And we also have to develop compassion to such an extent that we are not only not indifferent to what happens to others, but also we are able to offer our life to the highest purpose of all: serve evolution, serve humanity, serve the ONE.

It is deceivingly simple. No real need for complex systems such as the Tibetan or Hindu methods suggests (although of course it may work for some people). However, the commitment must be carried deeply and seriously. All the other pursuits in this life have to be relegated to a second place. All the elements and symbols that most people dedicate their whole life, time and energy to have to truly be considered secondary. Otherwise, there will be none or very little inner advancement, and very little hope to get free of samsara in a very very long time.

As many Eastern traditions have been pointing out for centuries, this is absolutely clear, although currently very few  people can still perceive it, or want to. Therefore, work, family ties, religion, money, status, admiration, power, possessions, relationships, body, beliefs,  identification with a race or group and all the other mundane things are meaningless in the big picture. No matter how much we have been educated and indoctrinated about the contrary.

Freedom is a means so you can commit your time, energy and attention to what can really fill your life with joy and love. As Nietzsche understood it: “Not free from what, but free for what”. The more psychological and spiritually mature an individual is, the freer of psychological restrains he will be and the more likely to make significant and deep commitments.

Of course, it is not easy to get out of mainstream thought and action, but nowadays there are more and more people doing it. While it is true that we are surrounded by cultural influences, these influences do not necessarily program us. It is possible, instead, to assess, weight, question and choose your own path. It is time to engage. Each person is necessary to create a global shift of consciousness. Do you want to be part of it?


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