Many lightworkers are asking themselves how they can prepare for 5D.

Opening the heart is a prerequisite, as well as learning to think and behave from a unity consciousness. We have to leave behind all dualistic (positive vs negative) polarity and separation thinking. The main energies in 5D are love, harmony and compassion, and everybody resonates with it.

The ego has a place in higher dimensions, but it is always aligned with the soul’s direction for it, not the other way around. This entails watching every single thought that shows up into our mind. If it is not something you want to manifest or feed any longer, then ignore it and let it go. If it is indeed something you want to manifest because it is of higher conscience, then feed it.

Everything has to be watched closely and with utmost honesty. Always express your highest version and try to align with your highest values at all times.

It is crucial to keep the focus on your own behavior, not on others’. Paying constant attention to what others are doing wrong gets us nowhere, since we end up judging what is none of our business.

Everything that happens to us, every situation and every encounter is an opportunity for growth. Everyday life with its irritations, conflicts, upsets and annoyances are all opportunities to learn to deal with these occurrences differently.

We must now look deeply within ourselves and be prepared to abandon all beliefs that maybe are not in true alignment with Spirit or are not true reflections of the Light, nor are they a true measure of unconditional love. This period of time can be used for self-examination to do the final purging that will allows us a quantum leap for ascension.

Let’s keep in mind that we cannot allow our ego to run our life. There is no need to respond in ways that are harmful to ourselves and others.

Let’s not fall into the trap of attacking others. There is no need to encourage the ego’s tantrums and whims. We can choose better responses, kinder and more loving. We must be aware of what arises in our mind without judgement but without having to act upon it either.

As we become more interdimensional beings, we must access and use intuition more and more. Spending too much time in intellectual pursuits, such as surfing the internet and being on social media too long can atrophy our abilities to tap into our inner knowledge and our inner peace.

We still have a lot to learn. That is why it is advisable to keep a humble attitude  and remind ourselves that our main objective is to embody the truth, the peace and the unconditional love.

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