We are witnessing various events in different parts of the world that, although they do not seem to be related, they indeed are. It is all an accelerated series of political and physical events that show how many systems are ready to start coming down. 

As long as we understand that these are indicative of the massive changes coming, we do not need to give them energy through fear and anxiety. That is how we allow these events to push ourselves forward.

As a matter of fact, what matters the most at this time of Ascension is not falling into the traps that are being set to bring about situations that will create anger, frustration, fear, and hopelessness.

If we allow ourselves to be pulled into such energies, we then become very vulnerable to dark forces, to the hidden powers that are planning a future where mankind lose their rights as well as their connection to the divine. 

Even if current events are challenging us deeply, we have to remember that we are seeing the death throes of an obsolete civilization. It is necessary, as we prepare for an amazing future that seems quite hard to imagine at this point.

Let’s be vigilant, as becoming too involved in the actuality of the events without understanding the deeper significance of the coming changes, can easily result in distraction and despondency.

What we are facing in not too long is a mass event that has never been experienced on Earth before, which will greatly accelerate human spiritual evolution. This titanic transformation cannot come lightly and without massive waves. Thus, let’s not get  wrapped up in every twist and every piece of news.

It is crucial to take some distance from what is reported on TV and main stream media in order to avoid becoming trapped by the images on the television of threats, chaos, political corruption, and despair.  We should avoid getting emotionally involved with things that are out of our control, without losing compassion for those who have chosen to participate in these events. 

We are at the peak of acceleration in the energies of this planet as it moves toward the grandest event known as Ascension.

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