These are indeed interesting times.

We all need to choose whether to follow the trail of fear or to contribute to anchor the Light. The lockdown of millions of people around our planet is forcing all of us to face ourselves, to look at the current state of mother Earth, to reflect upon how we want to live and who we want to become. 

Nothing happens by accident. This worldwide event is a global crisis that allows each one of us the opportunity of making up our mind about our choices. We can either choose darkness or the light. The time to remain lukewarm has now passed. And there are different trains about to depart, taking into account that only the train of love and light will take us to the new Earth. The train of fear and materialism will get us stuck in the obsolete ways.

There will be discord, since we will freely choose which train is ours, where we feel most comfortable. Feeding anxiety and getting attached to how things used to be and to our former self will make us stand still, missing an amazing opportunity of evolution.

However, there are many Lightworkers that have been waiting to this moment for the longest time. We are near a breakthrough, the beginning of the shift of consciousness. 

The polarization and the divide seems to be heightened now. Depending on each person’s vision, the current challenge is experienced very differently. Some people experience it as a terrible calamity, a very scary disaster. Others see the whole thing in a positive and hopeful manner. 

This is the beginning of a split into sort of parallel reality tracks. Being all at the train station now, some of us can witness that there are two train tracks and they are diverging. As time goes by, those trains will get further apart. For now, we can still jump from one to the other. But this might soon no longer be the case. Eventually, we will see less of the other train, until we will not be able to see it at all. Let’s remember that being in one train or another will only depend on the level of consciousness of each person. It is our choice.

We are starting this planetary process. Lightworkers are realizing how different the majority of people are perceiving the current reality and how they are reacting to it, full of anxiety and fear.

Our role is not to change anyone. From a place of unconditional love we can respect other people’s decisions and comfort them with compassion. Our role is to be the Light keepers. The lighthouse that vibrates in peace and confidence, guiding the boats safely home. 

Our focus should be, once this first part of the transformation is over (the lockout), to reinvent ourselves to be in harmonious alignment with the forthcoming energy changes. Let’s not waver, the new Earth is about to be born.

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