We are undoubtedly living fraught times, even more so concerning current political events. The actions of the dark powers are being intensified. Just by watching the news, reading the headlines on the newspapers or having a look to the reports on the Internet you can see that this is so. 

All these events are clearly staged and manipulated in order to provoke maximum fear, confrontation, and anxiety amongst people worldwide. The final objective being to tear humanity to pieces so the plan that has been drawn up for so long by those in control and power can be initiated. 

We need to remember that despite what is being presented through the media as the current events that are unfolding, in truth these events are not spontaneous. They are not at all the actions of a few in the spur of moment, but rather long devised plans that have been thoroughly formed for decades if not centuries. The ones at the top of the pyramid of power have been working toward this time for longer than we can imagine, as they know this could be their final chance.  This is why these present times are intensely critical to future timelines. 

The ones that have been in charge are used to work below the surface, to work secretly, to manipulate, control, and destroy all possibility of humanity ever awakening. They also had the tools to foresee the future, and could therefore guarantee their control. As the Infinite Plan unfolds, this is no longer possible, and that is why they have been trying to set up the best scenario for themselves. So they could still have the best conditions to remain in charge once the shift in consciousness is fully implemented. 

This is a flaw for them. Since they can no longer predict the future, they walk blind now. They have no certainty about the end results of their actions, as it used to be before. They do not know whether their designs for complete control and domination will succeed. And since they cannot understand the need to grow and evolve, they are desperate to hang on to their power and their ways. This is their weakness.

Our strength relies on our direct connection to Source, which makes us powerful beyond measure, and secondly realizing that the truth will set us free. 

As disclosure starts, all their lies and sinister dominion will become more public. Their hidden maneuvers will become hindered and a greater amount of people will be able to limit their field of influence. Their sphere of power will become cracked and their system will begin to crumble down for good.

At the same time, we —the awakened ones— will be able to show others that there is nothing to fear because we are part of the Light, of limitless abundance and unconditional love.

Be prepared and rejoice, the end of an era is at last coming.



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