Looking at the news of the world these days can be very daunting. People supporting separation of countries and their long allies, demagogue and xenophobic politicians being elected, refugees running away from war not wanted anywhere, crazy terrorists desiring to create havoc, financial powers interested in causing fear and chaos so they can make more money in the dark… Are we really evolving? Right now it is certainly hard to believe. Thus, it is very easy to fall into disappointment and despair. Yet, this would not be adequate.

The majority of people are just interested in the physical aspects of their existence, in their survival and the ego needs. This is hardly going to change dramatically in the near future. Yet, it should not stop us from keep doing our part.

The majority of people are motivated by a desire to earn, as opposed to a desire to learn. If they want to stay in lower energies, we must respect that. Each individual is responsible for his own deeds. But let’s not forget that the seeds planted today can go a long way into the future, even if that is not obvious at the moment.

We have to understand that a life well lived is a lesson for others.  Maybe not for all, but for the individuals prepared to progress internally.

These are indeed very challenging times, but awakening keeps being the purpose of all of us, whether we know it consciously or not.

I am convinced that we do not need everybody to be on board, so to speak. When humankind reaches the critical mass of people able to hold greater amounts of Light and compassion, then theHundred Monkey Syndrome will become a reality. Those who would have achieved a higher level of consciousness ⎯even if they are relatively few⎯ will spread their positive impact in greater numbers because of the oneness of all creation.

This is why we need to keep working on ourselves. Each one of us have the responsibility of contributing to the welfare of all and to benefit others with our words and actions… In due time, everything will fall into place. Let’s trust the flow and the Infinite Plan.

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