The other day I was reflecting about the  meaning behind the quote: “For whoever would save his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it.”

What did Master Jesus mean with this? I find this particularly relevant to our current society, solely based on superficial elements related to wealth, fame and measurable achievements.

I actually reckon He was referring to the required release of what is earthly and material, and our great resistance to letting go. We are at a time where people are just interested in the physical aspects of life, not caring much for the deep and spiritual ones.

This makes the whole ascension process complicated for humanity and also hard for those of us who are already awake, since there is not much support received from our culture or our environment to follow an inner path of consciousness. This has always been our challenge and our predicament. We had to build an incredible inner strength and faith to keep going while being misunderstood, laughed upon and very often totally isolated.

Most people are absorbed by their daily lives, trapped in their never ending desires and apparent material needs, bombarded by misleading information from the news, stupefied by social media, asleep to the greater inner truth. Therefore, they resist questioning all received propaganda, and refuse letting go of the concepts and beliefs that they hold as dear and precious.

In this age, materialism is the  main guiding star, the core belief of a world that believes that to own and to possess is the most important of all; far more important than spiritual values, more important than love, more important than true connection with others. 

At the summit of this is the use of money to buy, for money is considered power, freedom and happiness. These beliefs make it almost impossible for humans who are asleep to detach, to die to materialism. I consider that Master Jesus was referring to letting go of such possessive beliefs that end up owning the person.

It is only by releasing them and walking away from them that we can align with the Christ Consciousness. Only by dying to its grasp, freedom can be found and the soul can emerge in our life.

This is the real awakening, free from materialism and from others’ approval. Master Jesus was not talking about losing the physical life. On the contrary, He was referring to beliefs that bind and hold so many prisoners. The  loss of these fake values and material possessions is what grants us freedom to find our essence, our true Self. 

Article published on: Golden Age of Gaia

Author: Mónica Esgueva

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