Earth is a difficult school. Human beings have very limited understanding of the way life works, and we make many mistakes.

Since I was a child, I learned to protect myself from the pain of when people were horrible and nasty, and when I felt other people’s pain so strong. I felt that was too much to bear, and I had to shut that part down for a while in order to survive. I could never understand the degree of cruelty and violence that exists in this planet. It mystified me. It is still painful to witness to what extent human beings can act as beasts to others and to animals, but I guess I can understand now that most people have been victims of cruelty themselves. That turns to bitterness and anger, and then it comes out transferred to others around them. And it spreads like a disease of fear, fear of being a victim of other people’s anger and rage.  It is such a destructive circle where humanity is seemingly trapped. Most people cannot see any deeper. They cannot see beyond their obsessions and limitations. If they would only see beyond their ego, the much needed change in the world would not be that hard to achieve.

We are capable of the greatest good and also of great evil. We can still destroy ourselves as a race if we continue feeding the darkness in us. But it does not have to be that way. Humanity has the ability to keep evolving by awakening to a higher level of consciousness, by remember who we are: Spiritual beings having a human experience. We can contribute to the global transformation by transforming our own minds and hearts.

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