Today, we explore why our minds act as barriers to living authentically. Aware of some ego aspects, it’s the unconscious and existential fears triggering life’s mechanisms, leading to deep suffering.

Despite patterns, we can break free from past lives and embrace the emerging one within. Entry into life involves conditioned structures, but self-awareness is lacking initially, as seen in a child’s radiant void.

Awakened, consciousness radiates through the person, no longer entangled in character. Waking up means shifting attention from thoughts to light, acclimating to new while discarding old.

The mind is a trap for consciousness, a prison. Identifying with an illusory self keeps you in the dream. True freedom remains elusive as your prison accompanies you.

Waking up does not mean withdrawing but embracing life and enjoying the show without attachments or fears. The path to transcendence involves meditation, observing the conditioned self, and realizing true nature.

Before awakening, an honest self-examination is essential. Can you free yourself from robotic life patterns, cease pursuing pleasure, and less resistance? Are you willing to make sacrifices for freedom?

Most people resist change, clinging to familiar routines. To awaken, observe automatic tendencies, comprehend the dilemma, and be willing to alter your inner and outer worlds. If you seek internal stability and lasting peace, you’re ready to reconnect with the forgotten wisdom within.

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