Have you noticed that right now the idea of being free is utterly delusional? It does not matter if in theory you have freedom of speech, when those in power can control what you will say. Funnily enough, in liberal western democracies, this is precisely what happens.

Mainstream news does not reflect any reality. It is pure propaganda. And most people do not know because it is not announced on TV! LOL.

Propaganda is a completely overlooked aspect of our society. It controls how the public thinks and acts. It manipulates behaviors, trends, and beliefs. It even tampers with all elections. The gullible population believes that the Powers that be do care for their welfare, the same way that children believe in Santa Claus.

Why is something so obvious for a minority of us still denied by the mass? Probably because  the sources they have been directed to look to for information never mention anything about it. Since childhood, we were taught that authorities are always right, and that there are always experts at hand who can tell you what is best for you.

It is true that most people are allowed to say what is  on their mind. However, what is on their mind has been carefully curated by the ruling narrative managers, who are responsible for controlling what information goes into their mind. So, they parrot what they hear on TV or what they read on the bought out newspapers. A dictatorship camouflaged as democracy. Those who can escape from the existing fierce control are treated as pariah or conspiracist, and stopped from sharing their differing perspective.

Mainstream has become a huge monster who eats anyone who questions the official story told by the Powers that be. Only the authorized narratives get amplified on traditional media and by the algorithms of Silicon Valley. Anything alternative is either banned or left without an audience. 

So inconvenient speech and independent views are cut off by censorship, by algorithm manipulation, and by media marginalization. People are kept hopelessly enslaved by giving them the illusion that they are free. Any voice that threatens the illusion is silenced by whatever means necessary. 

Therefore, you can say what you please, as long as it is what they like. You can do whatever you want, as long as you comply. You can create whatever you wish, as long as the cultural mafia approves it. You are free to choose whichever candidate you prefer, provided they are one of the two presented to you as the leaders of the right and left. You can use your money as you please, as long as it is in the banks of the elite. You are free to share whatever you want on social media, as long as you obey the censorship rules imposed on you. You can be very successful, provided you are willing to compromise your moral principles.

Please think it twice. Are you really free?

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