Books have always been such an important resource for me. My first memories as a child are already related to reading short stories and fairy tales. When I was 10/11 years old, I counted how many books I had read during that year: They were 120!
Books have also been a big source of inspiration. I recall once when I was a young girl, reading a novel whose main character was an adventurous woman and thinking: “I want to be one of those courageous and unconventional women who dare to follow their own path”. Thanks to reading their biographies, I knew that it was possible. Actually, I can say that books have literary changed my life for good. That is probably why I became an author myself, because I truly believe in their power to transform people and the world. Books can give us role models, hope and guidance that can last forever.

I have been on a spiritual quest for a very long time. I read the first philosophical and spiritual books when I was fifteen and I have not stopped ever since. I can honestly not know how many books I have read in all these years. Being such an avid reader, perhaps a few thousands. Out of that many, only 30 or 40 would make it to my top ones. It would be too log for this blog though. So trying to take my favorite spiritual books to a short list of 5, the most meaningful ones that come to mind now are (in no particular order):
1. Initiation, by Elisabeth Haich.
It is fascinating and insightful, and can be read both as a novel and spiritual insight book. I have recommended many times, to all those that are on a spiritual path already. It tells the tale of a personal experience of the author, dealing with past lives and lessons of the physical world and beyond. The book really goes into depth about the secrets of mystical teachings, primarily from ancient Egypt. At the same time, it shows how those teachings are universal for all those persistent enough to search for them. Everyone I know that has read it has been positively and profoundly touched by it. But of course, one has to be ready.
2. When everything falls apart, by Pema Chodron.
I have asked so many of my coaching clients to read it, since it is a manual to live by. It helps people realize that the habits developed over a lifetime to escape pain causes them more unhappiness in the end. It is totally worthy to read this book even if you’re not a Buddhist. It is full of valuable lessons on how to live life accepting every bit of it, appreciating every experience, accepting the impermanence and embracing the pain when it arrives. Pema’s simplicity and straightforward approach to living a life with virtue and courage is refreshing.
3. Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse.
I read when I was 15, already interested in finding meaning my life. It definitely influenced my spiritual journey, making the possibility of enlightenment a reality. It is a must read. It is simply amazing that this was published in 1922. It is a timeless breath of simplicity, creativity and wisdom.
4. The Convoluted Universe series. Dolores Canon.
Her books are mind blowing, but not for the narrow minded though. Her books can certainly transform your beliefs and expand your vision greatly. Canon’s specialty is as a record keeper for our time of all of the mysteries in life and she has record kept quite nicely through her regression therapy with thousand of individuals over a 40 year span. Her books delve into the deep subconscious memories of normal people. If you are willing to treat yourself to the wildest ride your imagination can ever take, read her books.
5. Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsh.
It is a book for people who have always been looking for answers to life’s fundamental questions. It provides answers to so many questions such as why we are here, what the purpose of our lives is, what the plan is… For many people it would be thought provoking, and it will tell them not necessarily what they want to hear. That is exactly why it is such an inspiring book: you have to sharpen your beliefs and perceptions. Therefore, it will make you grow.

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    • Paul Johnston

      Interesting!! I will check some of the books you suggested

    • Eric Alsterberg

      Brilliant List! I appreciate the sincerity of this write-up of yours. Can’t wait to see more!
      Please check my blog about Benefits of Reading Spiritual Books

      Hope this will help. Thank you.

    • Shakira

      Hi Monica, these are some great books that you have listed down here. Among them, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse has become my periodic rereads. It is such a simple to read yet profoundly engaging books. Thanks for sharing this list.

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