Nothing is wrong in the world. 

We know this might be difficult to accept, but every element of this reality, even though it may seem chaotic, serves its purpose. This world is designed to be a place of duality and choice, offering us a constant variety of options.

We are invited to believe in various ideas and causes, but the key is to realize that all are choices, none inherently good or bad. This process, though sticky, is not bad; it’s the game of duality.

Understanding this mechanism and why it leads to suffering is crucial. By identifying the choices we make, we stop clinging to the illusion and begin moving toward higher levels of consciousness.

We’re not saying the world is wrong; it fulfills its purpose as an enticing stage for experiencing duality. Our task is not to change the world or prevent others from diving into the illusion. Everyone is here for their own experiences.

Let’s give up the desire to rescue or be rescued. True rescue doesn’t happen. The rescuer, even though seemingly helping, also feeds off the victim’s need. Real help is showing others how to heal themselves, recognizing they are creators of their challenges and also of their healing.

True healing occurs when a person takes responsibility for their affliction and decides to heal.

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