In this video, Mónica explores why it is so difficult to find peace and quiet in our daily lives. We live in a society that equates busyness with success, where productivity and material achievements are seen as the ultimate goals. But what if there is more to life than just doing?

This video is not just about finding time to pause; it is about understanding the deep-seated beliefs that keep us from resting. We tackle critical questions like whether we can afford to stop, the importance of reflecting on our accomplishments, and how to simplify our lives to embrace the present. 

Mónica offers a pathway to rethink our lifestyle choices, advocating for a balanced approach where being is as valued as doing.

Stillness is more than an escape; it is a necessary condition for connecting with our deeper selves and gaining clarity on what truly matters. If you are seeking to reduce stress, enhance creativity, and live a more fulfilling life, this exploration into stillness and mindfulness is for you. 

Dive into this journey of introspection and learn to embrace tranquility as a gateway to self-awareness and lasting peace. Do not miss out on reclaiming your time and finding true satisfaction in stillness.

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