More often than not, we tend to believe that helping others who find themselves in a victim position is the most altruistic thing to do. We have to review this limiting belief. Let’s remember that is their prerogative to remain in a victim role, if that is what they choose. Who are we to judge them? They are living a powerful experience that they obviously need at the moment. We do not know what is best for them, even if we think we do.

Even when they ask us for help, this does not mean that we should attach to the idea that they should change in any particular manner. All we can do in that case is offer them our help, but never force them to take our advice. We cannot demand of them that they do what we expect them to do, just because they have communicated that have a certain need.

Most people are still playing the victim game in one way or another. Most people still need to go through the dramas so they can have the experiences they signed up for. Thus, even if they ask for our help, and even if they express that they want to stop playing the victim, deep inside they might still desire to continue in that convoluted game because they have things to keep learning. 

It is not at all our business to pressure them to change. Taking a position that is kind, respectful and detached is crucial. Our role is not to lecture others with dogma or instructions. On the contrary, we can only offer alternatives. We can show them that they do not have to be victims because there is a far greater version of themselves than they previously considered. And then leave the decision of choosing what is right for them based upon their own experience and perspective, rather than based upon our own view. This is the highest help we can actually give.

All we can do is serving as living examples of compassion and not victims. Whether this inspire others to do the same, it is up to them.

Considering the absurdity of the need to rescue others, taking all this into account can be very liberating. The same way that we do not want others to make decisions for us, to take away our learning opportunities or to tell us what to do, why would we do that to others? We should only give that which we wish for ourselves. We should only give to another that which we are willing to receive ourselves. This is key in the transformation of our consciousness. This is the path of a being who is ascending.

Until each being is ready to finally release the whole victim experience, they will still need perpetrators. Until they make this decision powerfully and finally on a soul level, they will not be able to leave this game behind and move on to another, perhaps kinder, more loving game. Until each of us has mastered both the dark and the light of our own souls, we will not become our own master. Only masters ascend.

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