We understand so little about who we really are and the multi-dimensional world we live in. There is much more information and knowledge than 3D humans believe exists. We are creative beings with immense potential still quite unknown to us. As a matter of fact, we do not know how our own mind and heart work. 

We have been programmed from a very young age and we continue to be programmed by the Elite. They have never wanted our good. Their only interest being to take advantage of our productive and creative capacity. We have been convinced that we are victims, that we have to follow rules dictated by the hierarchy, that we have to continue obeying and continue with the imposed beliefs about what we should do, who we have to look like, how we have to think, what job we need to have, what kind of life we have to aspire to, what we have to buy, what TV series we have to watch, what kind of people we have to surround ourselves with…

Every attempt to connect with our essence and follow our intuition and inner guidance has been blocked and denigrated, in this life and in others. They have instilled in us limiting ideas that we have accepted because others —in positions of authority— have told us so.

So much indoctrination and mind control takes its toll, and it becomes very difficult for us to think for ourselves, to question what we have received, to trust our inner voice, to stand up facing the majority, to be left alone excluded, daring to be different, living our life as it seems best to us, taking our own decisions regarding our body, and absolutely everything else.

However, this is the great challenge that human beings face in these final times of transformation. We are talking about becoming sovereign and freely choosing whether we are prepared for a different world of egalitarian beings with a consciousness of Unity. 

It is time to examine each of our beliefs and see if they are aligned with our Being. We have to question every negative thought and not feed it in any way. We have to review every supposed truth we have been told. We must eliminate fear completely from our mind so as not to give strength to what we fear. We must clean everything received that damages us and does not resonate with our being. We have to heal the wounds so as not to be carried away by emotions that no longer apply. 

In short, you have to take care of yourself and keep the vibration high. That is, to stay on your axis, to remain at peace even if we see that around us others fall and decay, to choose the positive, not to carry out actions that can harm others and therefore continue creating karma, not to judge the choices of others because we have enough to deal with our own, meditate to strengthen the connection with our Higher Self, dedicate time to what we are passionate about, go out into nature and be bathed in the sun’s rays, and go inward because the answers to all our questions and search will never be found outside. 

We are being called to disconnect from the Matrix, but it is something that each of us must choose with our free will. No one is going to save you from your choices. Each being chooses their experiences, each one reaps what they sow. And what we know is that the harvest is very close now.

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