What do we need to follow our heart?

What does it take to leave aside society and family’s programming to become obedient citizens who follow the rules while having a financially stable life?

How do you listen to your inner guidance instead of external pressure?

I have often been asked why I changed my life so radically many years ago, going from a picture-perfect material life to an unstable and independent way of living. Was there a crisis, a near-death experience? A blow that pushed me to do it? How was I able to leap?

In my case, nothing big and unexpected caused the change. It was a decision that was forged over time and kept maturing. Until I observed all the signs (external and internal) and realized that the most important thing was to be aligned with my life purpose, I was not happy despite all the material comfort and apparent security. I felt dissatisfied, as if something crucial was missing in my life. I had to investigate and be open to questioning it all. I had followed what was expected of me: I got married young, had a good job after finishing university and getting a master’s degree, moved to Paris, traveled abroad, had fun with friends… It was not enough. I was going through the motions but felt no joy inside. Why? I had to find out, and I was willing to do whatever it took to modify the course of my life if necessary. I wanted to find fulfillment and wisdom.

It is very likely that you, too, have been cautious about whether or not to follow your inner passion since we have been indoctrinated from our childhood to follow the ideas and plans of others about what we should do with our life. Our family, the culture we are raised in, our circle of friends, the environment… All those close to you (and society in general) conspire to trace the path of your existence.

Think about it for a moment. Most likely, when you have managed to silence the inner chatter and listened to your inner voice, you have felt some guidance. If you followed those intuitions, you have probably experienced your greatest joy, even if you have been criticized and judged for being selfish.

Looking back, when I decided to completely change direction to align with my mission, passion, and enthusiasm, the possibility of failure and disappointment was genuine. As was the need to make great material and financial sacrifices. Yet, I knew I was doing the right thing and woke up excited every day.

We have come to Earth to be able to release our music, to create our small personal work, to be unique, to contribute to the Whole with our melody, and to do something that only we can do… Following our calling aligns us with our essence, enthusiasm, and the illusion of being alive.

Carrying it out may not make any sense to anyone around you. It may even seem crazy to many. However, from my own experience and the dozens of people that I have helped along the way, in the end, the greatest failure is feeling disappointed for not having tried. That is usually the most significant regret people have on their deathbed.

Find time to contemplate in silence, realize that more is not better, observe what gives you peace and joy, meditate on your vision, and follow the signs that indicate the next step, even if you only see fog in the long term.

“One day, when you wake up, clarity will return. In the meantime, trust that everything is necessary to get there.”

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