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Distractions, misunderstandings, stress and deadlines can converge to create unhappy and unproductive employees. Encouraging mindfulness at work is one solution that is proving to be cost-effective. When employees practice mindfulness, they are better able to respond in the moment rather than simply reacting. Instead of multi-tasking, they commit to doing one task at a time, making them more effective. They can improve the quality of their interactions, communication and relationships, and build trust. Mindfulness fosters a resilient workforce where employees get the job done without getting burnt out in the process.

Monica offers a training in Mindfulness for companies and organizations that allows participants to develop skills that increase attention and concentration, grants employees the ability to manage their emotions appropriately, have more objectivity to make better decisions, cope with stressful and complex situations in a more serene manner, reduce interpersonal conflicts, and last, but not least, develop leadership skills. These are all absolutely necessary in the current context of permanent change and ceaseless challenges that executives, managers and workers face every day.

©BEYOND MINDFULNESS, our Mindfulness course for executives is unlike any sort of leadership program you may have encountered before. You can contact us to request a course or a lecture for your company at: info@monicaesgueva.com

Monica has taught her program to more than 1,500 executives and top managers. These are some of the clients with whom she has worked:

Feedback From Organizations:

“”We asked Monica Esgueva to teach a workshop on Mindfulness for a group of journalists specialized in beauty in the context of a product presentation. Monica accepted the challenge and prepared a speech tailored to our needs, interesting and entertaining. We especially liked the combination of scientific rigor and accessibility when describing the mind & brain processes. The guests were very attentive and interested, and we are looking forward to repeating. Thank you very much!’

Alejandra da Cunha. PR, Communication & DigitalManager, LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS

“”From the first session the impact is huge. You reflect on your emotions, your decisions, your work, and ultimately your life … A unique individual and collective experience for those who want a true transformation from the inside. There is no better way to manage stress, change habits and connect with the best of ourselves. I cannot imagine the future of our young managers without learning this type of training provided by a skilled professional in the field. Monica is unique in this sense.”

Veronica Pascual. General Director Spain, Cantabria Labs

“”I went to a training workshop of Mindfulness with my company: Accenture. Monica led it with authenticity and professionalism. explaining everything in a very didactic way so we could become aware of the inner world and our mind processes. Now I prescribe Mindfulness as naturally as I prescribe aspirin in many cases. As a physician, I learned a lot. As a person, even more. Thank you Monica for existing.”

Dr. Esther Portela. Chief Doctor at Accenture Spain 



This Mindfulness program does more than just benefit individual health and wellness. When effectively applied to daily work and put into the context of larger corporate objectives, it can be the foundation for enhancing performance. It is also, I believe, is a key to real organizational effectiveness.

As very well explained in the Huffington Post, this Mindfulness Program may seem at first to be an easy technique to teach, but it warns that it should not be taught or transmitted by people without extensive preparation or by people who do not have to the credit a long personal experience practice.

Keep in mind that teaching Mindfulness is also different from practicing it. There are many people who want to start teaching it just as soon as they learn it. It is very easy to assume that after having some formal training and practicing for some time, it is easy to teach people to properly sit and bring their attention to their breathing. It is not true that just anyone can teach that. And in a business context, it is even less true, since at the very least, explanation and instruction must be given thoroughly on the function of the mind and the brain, to show to how to keep the focus on the present.