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How Can We Prepare for 5D?

Many lightworkers are asking themselves how they can prepare for 5D. Opening the heart is a prerequisite, as well as learning to think and behave from a unity consciousness. We have to leave behind all dualistic (positive vs negative) polarity and separation thinking. The main energies in 5D are love, …

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Achieving Mastery over Oneself

There is much more going on than we are aware of. We are not just physical beings. We are all interconnected at different levels, spiritually and energetically. When we are aligned with our heart and soul, we feel safe, we feel connected, we are guided, we are protected. Most human …

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Faith is the Antidote

At every moment of our day, we are either reinforcing the ego or increasing our level of  consciousness. Every thought we think, every word we speak, every action we take has its effect. If our mind is held steady in the Light at all times, then our emotional body will …

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Death does not exist

  I recently lead the 5th edition of a course about how to spiritually prepare our transition from death to Light. While death continues to be the greatest taboo of our time, it does not erase the fact that we will all go through it. It is by understanding that …

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