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The Best Antidote for Turmoil

Since most lightworkers are in the know, there is no need to remind anyone that the storm is coming, that a time of great chaos is approaching, that we are going to witness great distress and even great control measures on the general population. We have been warned, in order …

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A definition of MINDFULNESS on YouTube

  We are please to share with you the first video of a series that Mónica will offer in English on her YouTube channel  In this one she gives a working definition of Mindfulness. You can watch it here below:                     …

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Meditation as the ticket to Source

In his novel “After Many a Summer Dies the Swam”  Aldous Huxley tells the story of a Hollywood millionaire who fears his impending death. In a way, it is an examination of American culture, particularly what he saw as its narcissism, superficiality, and obsession with youth. It is a satire that also raises …

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Serve to grow

Last week I went  to a social dining room with a good friend of mine. Some of you know that I am a fervent believer in the value of volunteering, which has led me to give a small hand in some places of the world such as India or Tanzania. …

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10 Rules to wellbeing, by Monica Esgueva

1. Seek balance between mind, heart and spirit. The mind helps us analyze and discern, the heart makes us remain empathetic and sensitive, and the spirit leads to transcendence. We need the three of them. 2. Have faith and perseverance. It is indeed possible to conquer almost all summits, but …

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