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Time to Get Out of The Matrix

Control of all sources of information —from mainstream media to education, social media, entertainment, healthcare, etc— has been the norm on our planet.  We have been told what to think, what to believe, what to do.  We have been conditioned to accept without question whatever “authorities” say or do. That …

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Achieving Mastery over Oneself

There is much more going on than we are aware of. We are not just physical beings. We are all interconnected at different levels, spiritually and energetically. When we are aligned with our heart and soul, we feel safe, we feel connected, we are guided, we are protected. Most human …

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The Spiritual Path

Most people live their daily lives totally identified with their roles (mother, husband, sister, lawyer…) and obsessed with survival needs, acquiring possessions, assuring a good future for their children, financial security, comfort, physical appearance, information, a good social status… So involved in the superficial pursuits of the ego and samsara, that …

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