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Surprising and Amazing Events Lay Ahead.

  Many people think that the troubles we are experiencing will continue to pull us down, but bear in mind that this period of relative inaction rather than forward steps is an opportunity to look at the way we are living and seeing the deficiencies.  We cannot see yet the …

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The Journey of Awakening

It is certainly not easy to consciously be on the path of awakening. Our lives are so filled with activities, distractions, and people that lead us away from our center and our serenity. It takes a real commitment to regularly reserve time to go inside and shut the world out. …

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Interview Monica Esgueva, New York magazine INSPIRAS

This is an interview that appeared in the Spanish-speaking New York magazine “Inspiras“. Q: How your interest in applying mindfulness to business is born? After reading about what what was being implemented at Google and also seeing the successful application of that technique in organizations in the United States, I …

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