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Surprising and Amazing Events Lay Ahead.

  Many people think that the troubles we are experiencing will continue to pull us down, but bear in mind that this period of relative inaction rather than forward steps is an opportunity to look at the way we are living and seeing the deficiencies.  We cannot see yet the …

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Time to Clear our Own Shadow

We live in a  society that overemphasizes thinking, and that is mainly because we get carried away by fear. Fear produces a need for control, and mental thoughts seem to satisfy this need. Unfortunately, we cannot grasp with our mind  what life really is. This current time is bringing  much …

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The Shift of Consciousness was Needed & is Real

The evolution of consciousness on Earth has been slowed down too much and for far too long by an imbalance of darkness here. Since I was a child, it mystified me why people could be so cruel with each other. Then, as I grew up, I began to understand that …

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How can you become a light in a world with so much darkness?

Sometimes it is disheartening to see so much darkness in this world. Rampant violence, hate on social media, racism, endless conflict, natural catastrophes, unbridled anger, terrible news on the media, nepotism of the elites, and so on. One cannot help but wondering: Is there any hope in this current world? …

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In challenging times, awakening is still the purpose

Looking at the news of the world these days can be very daunting. People supporting separation of countries and their long allies, demagogue and xenophobic politicians being elected, refugees running away from war not wanted anywhere, crazy terrorists desiring to create havoc, financial powers interested in causing fear and chaos …

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