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Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness will be the prevalent  consciousness on the New Earth.  When we ascend, we will become 5th dimensional beings still involved in physicality, but with abilities that will go beyond the third  dimensional structure and form. However, we will have to overcome the dualistic aspects of the experience, as …

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Awakening from Materialism and from Others’ Approval

The other day I was reflecting about the  meaning behind the quote: “For whoever would save his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it.” What did Master Jesus mean with this? I find this particularly relevant to our current society, solely based …

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The Journey of Awakening

It is certainly not easy to consciously be on the path of awakening. Our lives are so filled with activities, distractions, and people that lead us away from our center and our serenity. It takes a real commitment to regularly reserve time to go inside and shut the world out. …

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Climbing up the well

It is hard to imagine —let alone perceive— what the Universe looks like when you are bound by the physical senses that make you see everything as  solid and separated. It is as if in physical life we were each living at the bottom of a well, from which we …

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Meditation as the ticket to Source

In his novel “After Many a Summer Dies the Swam”  Aldous Huxley tells the story of a Hollywood millionaire who fears his impending death. In a way, it is an examination of American culture, particularly what he saw as its narcissism, superficiality, and obsession with youth. It is a satire that also raises …

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