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The Lower Dimensional Programming Will Dissolve

The dark system, together with those that played the devil are being taken down. They do not go easily. Their power, their control, their manipulation of humanity is too important to them. What are they without that? There is no point in hating them. Much better to have compassion, for …

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How Can We Prepare for 5D?

Many lightworkers are asking themselves how they can prepare for 5D. Opening the heart is a prerequisite, as well as learning to think and behave from a unity consciousness. We have to leave behind all dualistic (positive vs negative) polarity and separation thinking. The main energies in 5D are love, …

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Our liberation

One of the elements which has helped me the most in my own journey of awakening has been feeling part of the divine flow. Experiencing —not just intellectually knowing— the fact of being a spark of light within an ocean of living awareness. There are times when we doubt our …

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Coming Clean First

Now more than ever, we have to let go of the thoughts of how difficult it is to live on Earth, how hard it is to cope with the dark aspects of human society that we are witnessing. All the turmoil and chaos is actually happening for us not to …

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Seeing Beyond Duality

We are right in the middle of a huge transformation, both on an individual and a global level. We are moving from an ego based consciousness to a heart based consciousness. As we identify less and less with our  body and personality, we start to feel who we really are. Living …

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