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As a motivational speaker, Monica can inspire audiences and provide them with a new perspective to overcome obstacles and help to make a leap forward in their lives, given her particular background as an international economist and coach, her profound study of the human mind and her many years of studying with great spiritual teachers in the East, and her practice and teaching of Mindfulness, training in Neurosciences, Positive Psychology, the Unconscious and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as well as her extensive experience having traveled the world widely and her work as a volunteer in Africa and with very sick children.

Here you can watch an inspiring talk given by Mónica at TEDxValencia (with subtitles in English):

Monica has worked with many companies, such as these:

And usually is asked to speak about Mindfulness, Stress management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness, Science & Spirituality, Meaning of life, Inspiration, Motivation, Empathy

If you are interested in scheduling an event, please contact us at: info@monicaesgueva.com