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Unique Mindfulness Course

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What makes the Mindfulness Course unique?

The program ©Beyond Mindfulness  is not a simply a standard Mindfulness program for stress reduction. It is a different course, especially designed for the executive mindset and based on the pillars used in Google that have demonstrated success and unprecedented effectiveness. It has been created exclusively by Monica Esgueva and, in addition to teaching the necessary foundation  of Mindfulness, the course includes essential components of Emotional Mastery, Self-knowledge and Neurosciences, thereby achieving exceptional value. Why and how?

  • It makes profound and complex concepts accessible to the participant.
  • It shows the workings of the mind and brain in order to achieve greater potential.
  • It emphasizes the application of the tools in everyday life & work.
  • It promotes self-awareness and objectivity in the perception of situations.
  • It increases levels of resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • It enhances cognitive effectiveness.
  • It increases focus and concentration.
  • It reduces the level of stress and conflict with others.
  • It improves active listening skills, fostering relationships with internal and external customers.

Monica has developed her own method that is tailored to organizations and companies, thanks to an extensive training and her unique experiences:

  • Author of a bestseller book in Spanish-speaking countries: MINDFULNESS (now 6th edition);
  • Studies in psychology and neurosciences at MIT and Kings College. London; a Masters degree in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and extensive study of the unconscious in the NLP Institute in New York;
  • 25+ years experience in meditation, studied with great Eastern spiritual teachers as well as receiving teachings from HH the Dalai Lama for many years;
  • Training in Mindfulness with methods adapted to the West such as the MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) held in London, and UCLA, in California.
  • Trained with Google, in its Mindfulness system adapted to the business world;
  • Long experience in designing and leading international executive leadership programs for the prestigious international business school INSEAD (France and Singapore);
  • Attendance to the anual meetings where HH Dalai Lama meets up with scientists and thought leaders such as recent ones in Boston or in Brussels.

You can contact us to organize a program for your organization or a lecture on the topic at: info@monicaesgueva.com