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Time to Get Out of The Matrix

Control of all sources of information —from mainstream media to education, social media, entertainment, healthcare, etc— has been the norm on our planet. 

We have been told what to think, what to believe, what to do. 

We have been conditioned to accept without question whatever “authorities” say or do.

That time is coming to an end.

We can get out of the Matrix.

We are sovereign beings.

We are part of Divine.

We can choose our own path.

About Mónica Esgueva

Mónica Esgueva
Mónica Esgueva is an economist and works as a Professional coach worldwide through Skype. She is also the author of 7 books:  the bestseller MINDFULNESS,  10 Claves Para Alcanzar Tus Sueños, Mensajes para el alma, Los 3 pilares de la felicidad, Cuando Sea Feliz, Donde pueda rozar tu corazón,   and El Infinito empieza aquí.

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