Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art Life is the canvas we are given and the soul the palette of color which can give birth to great art.

"Divine Big Bang" - Mixed media

Inspirational art is the creative process of grounding the Light as inspiration and topics to positively uplift consciousness

"Flower of Light (day)" - Acrylic on canvas

"Flower of Light (night)" - Acrylic on canvas

"Nebula" - Acrylic on canvas

"Divine Big Bang" - Acrylic on canvas

Living joy and beauty through art

Art is the embodiment of meaning and emotion conveyed through the insightful use of imagination, form, color, and composition. Inspirational art is the creative process of grounding the soul as inspiration and topics to positively uplift consciousness. Life is the canvas we are given and the spirit the palette of color which can give birth to great art.

Mónica’s artwork has a common principle: Helping you find inspiration as you continue on life's journey. Her inspirational art is there to encourage you when you feel disheartened, guide you in times of difficulty, bring you joy to daily life or contribute to celebrate the good times.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, wrote Pablo Picasso.

Mónica’s unique pieces of art build bridges that help people transit from the mundane to the mystic, opening a door into the world of infinite possibilities for the viewer. Indeed, through art we are able to transcend to a space where Light can shine.

"Free" - Acrylic on Canvas

Motivational art reminds us the sacred nature of everything and opens up the door to the awareness of the Peace, Beauty and Light that is our true Essence.

Mónica’s work is soulful. Her paintings reflect some of the other media that have helped shape her unique creative voice, and that have led her artistic work to the inspirational heights it has reached. The energies emanating from each painting make them powerful and deep, leaving a lasting impression in the heart.

"Infinity" - Mixed media

"Ocean of Love" - Acrylic on canvas

"Kundalini Rising" - Acrylic on canvas

"Dressed for Joy" - Acrylic on canvas

"Galactic Flowers" - Acrylic on canvas

"Central Sun" - Acrylic on canvas

"Interstellar Portal" - Acrylic on canvas

"Into the Light" - Mixed media

"Out of Duality" - Mixed media

The artworks are available for sale. Please send us an email if you are interested in any particular piece.

 All paintings are unique and cannot be replicated. However, feel free to contact me for a special commission painting or watercolor.

Mónica Esgueva

Inspirational Artist

Mónica’s art career started as a child, so to speak. Her talent was innate, although later on she took courses at Paris L’École des Beaux Arts and studied with renown painters in France.

She started exhibiting her paintings when she was very young, and then she had group and solo exhibitions at different galleries in Holland, Great Britain, France, Costa Rica and Spain.

A number of institutions own her artwork too, such as: Monaco Museum of Modern Art, LatinAmerican Art Museum (Florida, USA), Hewlett-Packard Foundation France,  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Zarzuela del Monte (Segovia, Spain), and Museo Casa Orduña (Alicante, Spain).

After a voluntary hiatus to dedicate herself to writing and publishing 8 books, she has now returned to her first love, which was painting, from a more joyful and evolved perspective than ever.

Past Exhibitions

Galleries and Exhibitions Featuring Mónica's Artwork

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